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OptimalBody received the Global 100 award
MS Fitness Challenge received the Global 100 award


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"NO ONE is doing what David Lyons is doing for people. I've used other trainers and programs. Exercise is good but without the proper training techniques, you are wasting time and money. So thankful to have David as a trainer! Thanks for keeping me accountable and helping me with the tools needed to overcome limitations." ~ Ben Hoch

Brian N.
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"David Lyons has provided the final piece in the puzzle of health for me, at 45 years old, to be in the best shape of my life. “OptimalBody” has changed my life, it could change yours too… Meeting David Lyons, and being lucky enough to work out with him over the last several months, has allowed me to finally understand and perform exercises which will benefit me moving forward for the rest of my life. Bench pressing and dumbbell curls are great, but there is no way to put a value on how much improvement the right regimen, with the right coach, and the right attitude can help each one of us. David understands the challenges that we face, they are his challenges too. I recommend OptimalBody to anyone who has been unlucky enough to be faced with an obstacle in life, I no longer consider myself unlucky. Thank you David Lyons for what you do!"
Bell G.
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“Hi, David…I’m loving the workout and am glad it’s FINALLY something I can physically do. Of course, I need to get better at the exercises but I know that as I get stronger I’ll be able to complete reps as recommended. Thank you for checking in. And thank you again for this workout.. I know I can do this! Blessings, David.” ​
Nancy W.
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“David Lyons, I would first like to thank you for motivating me to get moving. You are an inspiration! I am now eating right, taking supplements, and exercising every day. Now I have hope and determination. I feel my body getting stronger everyday. In June I could hardly walk 5 minutes on the treadmill, today I ran 15 minutes! Thank you! — feeling strong."
Olga H.
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"This is where I wanted to improve, and I just proved to myself that I definitely did! Thanks to David Lyons and team and each member who inspired me to work harder! Before joining this Group, I was lost and didn’t know much about the right nutrition and exercise. Now I’m so much stronger, leaner and my fatigue is under control. I’m positive and feel like I’m in control again. Good luck to everybody conquering their own “mountain”."
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"David helped me in the following ways! • Improved my stability, balance and strength • Lost 10 pounds and two inches • Improved my coordination • Has improved my level of cognition • Has brought happiness and fulfillment to my life"
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"OptimalBody has changed my LIFE – I stress LIFE because I didn’t have much of one before. I was, honestly, just barely getting by day by day with a poor diet, in bed, not driving, and basically super sad. My list of CANS and WINS is growing every day: I have so much more energy! I’m happier and the entire family is noticing and enjoying that part. I played in the leaves with my daughter the other day. I drove yesterday (a little slower than most but I did it!). When a friend told me that she went ice skating. Instead of being down that my body couldn’t my internal dialogue was: “I cannot wait until I’m doing that?!” Some days I actually have a good memory! I went on a business trip with my husband and we walked a bit through the city – this would have never happened before OptimalBody! My balance is greatly improved – I haven’t tripped or fallen in weeks. As silly as this may sound…I swept the house (ok it took an hour but I did it)! My rowing time is now TWO MINUTES FASTER! TWO! Thank you Dave and Kendra for catching me when I was falling. I’m not consumed by this anymore. I have MS, yes..but I also have hope!"
Jennifer R
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This morning I shaved my legs ( overshare I know ) BUT I LIFTED my LEFT leg ( weaker side) up onto vanity without any assistance without having to use my hand to pull it up !! This is great news !! David Lyons online training is a huge component of this success !! 🥰🥰🥰
Kevin M
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Really enjoying the band program
Jennifer R
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I have been training online with David Lyons founder of MSFC. Yesterday, for the 1st time in 2 years, I walked without limping or swaying !! It lasted for a while, but it means this is working........ I am over the moon........ this is REALLY WORKING !!! I have had MS for 18 years, being more symptomatic for the last 2-3 years, walking only a few yards, with back pain, and limping. I am determined to work hard and the training I receive from David Lyons will help me reach my goal !
Jen Marie
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Hey warriors!! Sorry I have disappeared lately!! I am still keeping up with everybody’s progress etc 😃

I’m totally fine, but i’ve been super busy!! Especially since I am having training with David Lyons. I cannot recommend working with David enough!! I am gaining even more strength since working with David as well!! Obviously this is amazing that my legs are feeling stronger!! I’ve just finished a workout with David and wow he works me hard but it’s amazing and I had to share with my warrior family 🤗 My legs were much more fluid and faster walking up the stairs this morning and it felt amazing 🎉

Warrior on guys 💪💪💪

Stay safe ❤️ ~ Jen Marie
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Yes I want to continue training his month. The training has been a blessing and exactly what I need. I’m getting stronger! ~ A.M.
Heather S.
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"I was diagnosed with MS 2.5 years ago. Symptoms increased after my youngest baby was born in November. When I found David I was so frustrated. I had begun working out again, post baby. I was falling constantly, unable to walk around my neighborhood with my kids, and not getting any real benefits from a workout that I could do just a year ago. I’ve always been very active. In tears I reached out. The first workout with David changed my outlook completely. I went from falling and frustrated to empowered and making progress. David understands the body and MS. He encourages and pushes me. I am so thankful for him and this program that he created."
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"I worked in one on one personal training with David for over a year. I was Ina wheelchair part of each day, and in a walker, or using a cane and a service dog. He has a philosophy that if you're in a wheelchair he'll help you get to a walker. If you're using a walker, he'll help you to a cane. If you're using a cane he can get you walking unassisted. If you can walk, hell get you to run. And he's right. I trained twice a week for 45 min. I can run about 200 yards now! I am continuing to train remotely to stay strong, coordinated and loving my best life. No regrets. Best decision I ever made for my health and wellbeing."
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"I have been working one on one with David for a few months now. Early days, but I feel stronger and am starting to walk better. David has shown thru his knowledge of MS and strength training, how to “ get ahead of MS “ as he states. Focus and commitment are huge. He always explains what we are doing on that session and why. I can now lift my Westie puppies ! They are 20 and 22 pounds. I could not lift them before working with David. I am walking better, still slow, but better as we go along I am very glad I am working with David, his knowledge is applied at every session. Seeing progress is the best reward for this program. Life changing"
Marianne K.
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I want to thank God for leading me to this amazing group. David, Kendra and the entire team at MSFC are a blessing I’ve been training with David for about a month now and I plan on continuing. The expertise and guidance David has provided through my training sessions have been amazing. His consistent updates and redesigning of my sessions keeps me progressing consistently. David’s motivation and positive outlook keeps me focused and committed to an on going 3-day on / 1 day active rest day schedule. He’s helping develop a new attitude in me. Along with more confidence and drive to stay healthy, I make the right diet choices to support progress in my workouts. I’ve discovered new confidence as Now I look forward to continuing training with David David has helped me make permanent life changes for better health. His fitness and nutritional expertise has led to drastic improvements in my daily life. It is entirely worth the investment in myself."
Patty P.
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"I must preface this response by saying I am a Navy vet and David was and continues to be a JARHEAD aka a Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine therefore, anything positive I may say about him should be magnified X's 1000. I've had MS since the mid 80's, relapsing remitting to secondary progressive now. Assistive devices 2 canes, walker and scooter. An exacerbation 2007 or 2008 locked my left knee in the extended position so bending it using my left leg muscles was impossible. I'm proactive with my MS and over the years seen and worked with several exercise programs, physical therapists and doctors in the U.S. as well as outside of the U.S. Unfortunately, the results were always the same. After they tried everything and my countless hours of work, their answers were always the same, that was all that could be done and NOTHING WORKED! NOTHING HELPED!!! That knee was the reason I was using adaptive devices. The reason I was so disabled. Forget the bowel, bladder, fatigue, pain, eyesight or cognitive problems of my MS that was manageable. The leg was truly disabling me. I'm sure it sounds like a little thing, but it was a mountain. I started working with David January 2019 for one year and an actual miracle happened. He broke my left knee as I refer to it. David Lyons and only David Lyons fixed my constant locked out knee. My husband, family and friends noticed and commented to me how much better I'm walking. I can walk from the kitchen to the living room and across the carpeted floor unaided. Most of all I can bend my left knee without using my hands. It's a blessing to me thanks to that Jarhead thank God for everyday. If you have MS and want to maintain your physical health or have a problem that specially MS educated and trained professionals have told you 'that's all that can be done', 'you'll just have to live with it' I'd highly recommend David Lyons as your go to guy. HE GETS RESULTS."

Achieve Your Fitness Goals
Regardless of Obstacles

Achieve Your
Fitness Goals
Regardless of Obstacles

David Lyons is an elite fitness expert and bodybuilder. During his coaching career, he has helped athletes, celebrities, and anyone with a challenge to getting fit, at various skill levels, transform their body and health.

In 2006, David Lyons was hospitalized and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 47. He HAD A CHOICE TO MAKE and the choice was either to fight this disease or to let it take over his body. And he chose to fight.

At the age of 50 David competed in a NPC bodybuilding competition! He was also awarded an impressive trophy for the most inspirational bodybuilder!

David’s mission is to help anyone, with any challenge become as healthy and in shape as they can be no matter what the obstacle in life whether that challenge is physical or mental. 

In short but focused workouts, David will create in you the most important processes your body needs to become stronger, more mobile and at your highest level of fitness. 

He uses focus driven and thought based training to get you where you need to be. The same methods that took him from his MS diagnosis and limited abilities to the bodybuilding stage. And he’s helped thousands of others over his extensive fitness career reach their optimal goals. 

No hype. No B.S. Just RESULTS!

David Lyons Bodybuilder and Fitness Expert Working Out

David Lyons

Elite Fitness Expert & Bodybuilder


David implements his OptimalBody Training methods to:

 *activate muscle fibers at their deepest to develop anabolic action

*create brain to muscle connections to increase the body’s response to training

*produce the highest level of acetylcholine for your muscles to receive the most from your workouts

No matter what your age, level of fitness, physical limits or time restrictions…David Lyons will change your body and your life!

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Catch some free workouts by David Lyons on Muscle & Fitness Plus. It’s a great introduction to the OptimalBody workout plan.

David's Fitness

In 2013 David received the Health Advocate of the Year Award with Lou Ferrigno.

And in 2015, at almost 57 years old, he became the only person with MS to ever receive the Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

David also received the Lifetime Fitness Inspiration Award in Feb 2016, next to bodybuilding legend Mike Quinn at the Global Bodybuilding Organization’s International Fitness Expo.

David Lyons & Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award at the Arnold Expo Columbus Ohio

In January, 2017 David received the Special Recognition Award from the National Fitness Hall of Fame and later in the year he was honored as a Founding Partner of the organization’s Institute for learning.  He is also the recipient of the National MS Society Milestone Award.

In 2019 he was inducted in the National Fitness Hall of Fame and the only fitness expert with MS to be given this honor.


David is the Founder of the OptimalBody brand which touches the lives of fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. It is not just a company but it’s also a lifestyle of health & fitness that is currently launching training programs and other branded initiatives to promote and enhance the fitness industry.

David and his companies have been aligned with some of the fitness industry’s top brands and is endorsed by well respected fitness experts and many other top fitness trainers and professionals. He has been endorsed by fitness icons such as Lou Ferrigno and Tony Little as well as celebrities such as Shark Tank’s Daymond John and entertainment’s LaToya Jackson.

As a fitness trainer David is also the creator of fitness certifications for the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) and MedFit Network.

He is the author of the #1 selling book Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis; was a columnist for the largest online wellness magazine,; and hosts his OptimalBody: No Gym Required! fitness channel on the Muscle & Fitness Plus network

Lyons has appeared on TV networks such as CBS and FOX; been featured on radio and print media; and is well recognized worldwide for his expertise in the fitness industry.

david WORKS WITH &
is Endorsed by Celebrities

Tom Terwilliger — Mr. America, Best Selling Author, and Certified Fitness Professional

Lou Ferrigno — Bodybuilder, actor, “The Incredible Hulk”

Tony Little — Fitness icon & award-winning personal trainer

Annibal Lopez — 1978 & 1980 Mr. America

Daymond John and David Lyons

Daymond John

Star of the hit show Shark Tank & entrepreneur

“David’s approach to life and fitness is an encouragement to all that there is hope and a plan to assist and support you towards the lifestyle you want. You can have a new life of strength, empowerment and control through David’s philosophy and methodology. You now have a blueprint to follow as you take command of your body.”

Floyd Mayweather and David

Floyd Mayweather

World boxing champion

Gabe Rosado

Professional Boxer & Actor in the films Creed (2015), Kingdom (2014) and Undisputed (2023)

Lou Ferrigno

Professional bodybuilder and actor

David's recent awards

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David in the media

With all these accomplishments, people are talking.

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